Multi-Media Storage Cabinet for DLT, LTO, 8mm, 4mm, Laptops and more

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   Data storage tape and multi media cabinet can be configured to hold virtually anything          
SecureIT Multimedia Cabinet
   SecureIT media cabinets offer virtually unlimited possibilities.
   Please contact one of our specialists to help with configuration.

    Standard Colours:
    Santex Beige, Santex Black and Santex Grey.
    Optional Colours/combinations are available, a surcharge may apply.

    Click on colour option to view larger image.

    Santex Beige
    Santex Black
    Santex Grey
    The secureIT Multimedia cabinet has been the quality standard in the industry for over 25 years. No other cabinet can boast the quality, durability, warranty or versatility of the Super-Stor. The unique all steel centre bi-parting door, glides with ease on our special "aircraft cable track system". Our cable system is guaranteed not to break, fray, rust, or corrode for the life of the cabinet. Other features of the Super-Stor cabinet include 1/2" increment adjustment for all components, heavy gauge steel construction, all steel tambour door c/w lock and a powder coat paint finish for durability and great looks.
     Available in five heights:
        51" Product # 050-00751
    O.D. 51"Hx36"Wx22"D
    I.D. 44"Hx34"Wx18"D
    60" Product # 050-00760
    O.D. 60"Hx36"Wx22"D
    I.D. 52"Hx34"Wx18"D
    64" Product # 050-00764
    O.D. 64"Hx36"Wx22"D
    I.D. 57"Hx34"Wx18"D
    72" Product # 050-00772
    O.D. 72"Hx36"Wx22"D
    I.D. 64"Hx34"Wx18"D
    83" Product # 050-00783
    O.D. 83"Hx36"Wx22"D
    I.D. 76"Hx34"Wx18"D

    Component options such as ROLL-OUT MULTI-MEDIA SHELVES, MEDIA STORAGE PACS, FILING DRAWERS, PADLOCKABLE SECURITY BARS, REFERENCE SHELVES AND PLAIN SHELVES WITH DIVIDERS give you the ability to store virtually anything you need in just one cabinet. secureIT components are fully interchangeable, allowing you to alter your cabinet set-up or add to it at anytime. secureIT also pre-installs your components where you want them before it is shipped.


    Multi Media Drawer
    32.5" W x 14.625" D x 2.5" H

    Media Drawer capacity Space Req'd
    DLT 72 5"
    LTO 86 5"
    4mm/DDS 207 3"
    8mm 102 3.5"
    3480/3490 84 5.5"
    3570/Magstar 115 3"
    CD/DVD 150 6"
    VHS 44 5.5"
    Each drawer comes complete eight (8) front to back dividers and nine (9) compressor/flip dividers. Using the secureIT "Star Slot" system, you can easily customize your drawer for your application. Divide your drawer to store one or several media types by simply adjusting the dividers. Drawers are complete with heavy duty, easy glide suspension arms for many years of service. For other media capacities not listed, please call GDI Data at 1 800 866 9828.

    CD/DVD Roll Out Shelf (In Jewel Case)
    32.5" W x 14.625" D x 2.5" H
    Space Req'd 6"
    Accommodates 120 Cd's or DVD's sitting in there own slot on a easy to read angle. Allows for finger flip
    filing. Each drawer comes complete with a CD/DVD insert that is removable. Comes complete with heavy
    duty, easy glide full suspension arms.

    Media Bars

    Media Bars accommodate specifically designed removable pacs for 3480/3490/3590, 4mm, 8mm, DLT/TK's 3570 &VHS tapes.
    Easy and fast retrieval design allows an operator to simply open the cabinet in one motion, remove one cartridge or pac of cartridges easily and then close the steel tambour door to secure the rest of your valuable media. Each media bar holds 3 pacs across. If you require Media Bars for 3480/3490/3590 Pacs, you must order two (2) bars for the first row, then one (1) bar for each additional row. All Pacs Sold Separately

    Media Pacs
    3480/3490/3590 pac, (Capacity 10)
    Part No. 134-00915
    8mm Pac, (Capacity 10) - Part No. 134-00930
    4mm Pac, (Capacity 10) - Part No. 134-00935
    3570 Pac, ( Capacity 12) - Part No. 134-00970
    DLT/VHS (Capacity 7) - Part No. 134-00990

    Laptop/Notebook Locker
    33.875" W 15.5" D x 5" H
    Space Req'd 5"
    10.25" W x 14.75" D x 4.5" H.

    Each Laptop/Notebook compartment securely stores three (3) units. Shown here are four (4) units stacked together for a total of twelve (12) individual compartments. Each individual compartment comes complete with its own private lock and keys and a built in label holder. Each Compartment measures

    Plain Shelf
    36" W x 15.5" D x .75" H
    Space Req'd, 3 Ring Binders 13.5"
    Space Req'd. End Tab Letter/Legal 11.0"

    The plain shelf allows you to store ring binders, end tab file folders or anything else that requires a shelf.

    Each shelf is pre-punched to accept a Back Plate and Divider Kit (Not Included)

    Back Plate and 5 Divider Kit
    34" W x 12.5" D x 7.75" H
    Space Req'd, 3 Ring Binders 13.5"
    Space Req'd. End Tab Letter/Legal 11.0"

    Use in conjuction with a Plain Shelf, the Back Plate and Divider kit allows you to divide your plain shelf into user defined pockets.
    Ideal for filing and supporting end tab files, ring binders. Great to divide up office supplies and to sort small parts.
    Each divider is adjustable by 1/2" increments.

    Reference Shelf
    34" W x 16" D x 2" H
    Space Re'd 2.5"

    A reference shelf is the perfect option when access to your cabinet is frequent. Whether you are retrieving files or cartridges, a reference shelf is convenient to open, Is great to use as a staging area or work surface while you access your cabinet.

    Filing Bin Drawer
    32.5" W x 16.125" D x 9.5" H
    Space Req'd 11"

    Our bin drawer allows filing or letter or legal hanging folders. With the use of a floating file bars, (Included)
    you can divide the drawer to hold letter and legal together filed front to back or two rows of letter front to
    back. Either letter or legal can be filed left to right.

    Mail Sort Insert
    Space Req'd 13.5"

    The mail sorter option allows you to sort or divide mail into nine (9) slots with one easy to use unit. Each Unit comes with six (6) adjustable shelves and label holder for each compartment.

    Security Locking bar
    34" W x 1.5" D x .75" H
    Space Req'd 0"

    The security locking bar allows you the option to add a padlock to your Multi Media cabinets. When you add a security locking bar you make the cabinet dual accessable (You require two person to access the cabinet) When the key lock (Standard on all cabinets) and padlock are engaged, it requires TWO separate keys to open your cabinet. Security locking bars are color matched to the cabinet. (Padlock not included)

    Mobile Base

    Space Req'd 0"

    Turning your Multi-Media Cabinet into a mobile base can be done at any time.
    The height of your cabinet will increase by 5" overall. All four casters are heavy duty (Two (2) fixed with locks and two (2) Swivel).
    For safety, secureIT recommends that you DO NOT put a cabinet over the height of 64" on a caster base.

    Library Shelf
    35.875" W x 15.5" D x 12" H
    Space Req'd 12.5"

    This unique option allows you to display your catalogues, literature and flyers, or just about any kind of display material.
    When the library shelf is lifted you can retrieve your neatly stored printed materials from the hidden storage shelf. The library shelf is installed on a 30 degree angle to display your material at an easy to read angle.

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